Deposit Schemes

Saving Bank Account

Gutman Island


  1. Minimum balance in your Saving Bank account should be Rs.250/-
  2. Rate of interest is 5%.


  1. Nomination facility is available in all kind of deposits.
  2. For single or joint account holder also there will be only one Nominee.
  3. A person legally empowered to operate a minor's account can file a nomination on behalf of the minor.
  4. For more details or query do visit your near by branch.

Document required for Account opening

For Identity Proof For Address Proof
PAN Card Passport
Two Photos Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card Telephone bill
Voter ID card Electricity bill
Driving licence Ration Card
Government ID card Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office
Photo ration card
Senior citizen ID card


  1. The form should be fill in CAPITAL LETTERS using Black ink.
  2. During the time of verification please produce the original document(s).
  3. Please avail of the nomination facility.
  4. Mandatory to complete the KYC Norms.
  5. * Mandatory to provide Permanent address and telephone number.